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We brought together the best of breed regarding our selection of quality laminating systems. Laminating is an excellent way to add value to your finished products and boost your profit.

Laminating printed graphics does not only transform them into high impact advertising tools but also provides a durable protection against environmental factors such as moisture, UV-exposure, abrasion and chemicals that can cause an image to fade or deteriorate.

When laminated, the contrast of the print gets sharper and the colours become stronger and more vibrant, which allows print providers to deliver a better, more durable product that stands out in style.

Cold lamination
Pressure sensitive laminating, also known as cold laminating does not require any heat and is ideal for use with temperature sensitive substrates. This kind of lamination technique uses a pressure sensitive adhesive that, in combination with the applied pressure, provides perfect bonding of the film to the substrate.

Hot lamination
Heat-set or hot laminating uses high temperatures causing the adhesive in the laminate to become more liquid, which then bonds to the media being laminated. This kind of laminating provides a durable laminate that is more resistant to wear and tear.

Liquid Lamination

Liquid Lamination provides a durable protection by applying a liquid coating to various applications while maintaining the texture of the substrate. Liquid coatings are commonly used in outdoor applications such as vehicle wraps, banners, and truck covers.


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