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Onyx PosterShop 7

Onyx PosterShop 7

ONYX® PosterShop® makes increasing your productivity easy by giving you flexible control over job workflow. Scale, tile, nest and manage jobs and print directly from your creative application.

Production of cross-media jobs has never been simpler. ONYX® PosterShop® is a professional tool that let you perform difficult tasks easily and with consistent results from one job to the next.

Ease of Use

  • Simply click File—Open—Print to achieve great output
  • Install the program and printer drivers in one easy step
  • Print directly from Mac- or PC-based creative applications
  • Get a user-friendly preflight and printer queue
  • Get all the media profiles you need from the ONYX Graphics website
  • Get free, automated software and driver updates with ONYX® AutoUpdate
  • Quick recalibration directly from RIP-Queue

PANTONE® Color Matching

ONYX® PosterShop® includes a fully licensed PANTONE® Color Library which makes spot color matching easy because more accurate PANTONE spot color matching happens automatically during processing.

The ONYX RIP recognizes PANTONE-named colors in PostScript or PDF files and matches the colors as closely as possible.

PosterShop also includes a media profile gamut report that shows you just how closely your media can match each PANTONE color.

Ink Usage Tracking and Reporting

PosterShop Version 7 allows you to obtain ink usage and cost estimates on any job before printing. You can also view ink costs in the RIP-Queue’s job log.

This innovative feature reports the usage and estimated cost for each ink channel and works with all dot patterns.

Make Color Corrections on the Fly

Adapt easily and quickly to your customers’ subjective view of color. Novice and expert users alike will find an intuitive color correction toolset that allows for quick and easy changes in the PosterShop interface.

Change brightness, saturation, and contrast for the image globally or for individual mid-tones and shadows.

View up to four color filters at once to compare changes, or select a specific color (or a range of colors) and replace it with another to refine even the most difficult prints without touching the original file.

Preflight Puts It All at Your Fingertips

Preflight is easy to navigate and easy to use because key actions and controls are located in the main tabs.

Preflight also shows you final output colors on your screen, saving you the hassle of having to print in order to see the final colors of each job.

Contour Cutting in Three Easy Steps

Use Adobe®, Illustrator® or Corel® Draw to define the cut paths in your image and RIP Queue to scale, tile, nest, and manage color as needed.

Send the image to any printer, which then prints the job complete with cutter marks and a barcode for scanning. Place the completed print in the cutter.

The cut device knows just what to do and where to cut. It’s that easy!

Take the Guess Work out of Choosing the Right Profile

Media Manager also includes a new profile grading system that helps you pick the right profile for your print application.

This tool rates and compares all of the installed media profiles, taking the guess work out of which profiles are best suited for your workflow.

Profiles are automatically rated on color gamut, print speed, color accuracy, and ink usage. You get a standard report on how well each media works for print applications such as fine art, CAD, signage, POP, proofing, and photographic reproduction.

Other great features

  • Interactively scale, crop, and rotate images
  • Apply custom tiling to oversized prints
  • Make color corrections and replace color or a range colors using Preflight
  • Achieve brilliant and saturated colors while maintaining gray balance with exclusive PosterColor® technology
  • RIP tiles individually
  • Create and edit density calibration tables and control ink restrictions
  • Print directly to the queue from your creative application as you would to any desktop printer—even across networks and platforms
  • Visually preview files to avoid costly reprinting
  • RIP-and-print-on-the-fly for PostScript/PDF

Supported File Types

Raster File Types Supported
TIFF, TIFF/IT, 8 Bit & 16 Bit TIFF, 4 GB TIFF, JPEG 2000, Kodak PhotoCD, ER Mapper, MrSid, JPEG, Targa, Scitex CT, DIB, GIF, PCX, BMP

TIFF Formats Supported

PostScript & PDF File Support
PS & EPS Level 2 & 3, DCS 4 and 6-color Separations, PDF, PDF-X

Font Types Supported in PostScript
PostScript 1 & 4, True Type, Multiple Master Type 1, CID, Kanji, Morisawa

Languages Included

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Czech, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish, Greek.

System requirements

Supported OS Windows Vista* Windows XP Pro with the latest service pack Windows 2000 Pro / Server with the latest service pack
CPU Intel Pentium IV / Xeon 3+ GHz Athlon 64 / Opteron 2+ GHz Dual CPU (for Multiple RIPs)
Storage Two 80 GB Hard Drives 1 GB RAM per CPU
Video 1280 x 1024 16-bit Color
Hardware USB Port (for security key) DVD-ROM Drive

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