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Mobile Cable System

Mobile Cable System

This cable system allows signs to be suspended from the ceiling to the floor, from ceiling only, parallel to wall and from wall to ceiling.

Special clips allow sheets of material up to 9mm thick to be suspended and hollow supports have been designed for use with illuminated display cases. MCS is ideal for bringing designer appeal and saliency to the presentation of a sign. The cables are made of galvanized steel with a 1.5mm diameter and maximum breaking strain of 120kgs.

Combine quality with good looks

The Mobile Mable System is a top of the range product made from very high quality materials.

  • Cables are made from galvanised steel consisting of 7 strands with 7 strings
  • Fixing parts are made from brass making them highly corrosive resistant
  • Easy to use - the display systems are designed to ensure quick fitting and assembly
  • An aesthetic look - the system conveys transparency and lightness and is secondary to the information and products being advertised
  • Very flexible - the system can be adapted and changed a variety of times to give a number of different looks

The MCS system is ideal for

  • Retail window advertising
  • Retail furniture
  • Window displays
  • Poster displays
  • Directional signage
  • Information displays
  • Travel agents and estate agents window displays

NOTE: Recommended for Indoor use only

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