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Kunstdünger Monsterframe

Kunstdünger Monsterframe

Monsterframe is a user-friendly mounting system for BIG advertising banners both in and outdoors.

A smart design and high-grade quality components is what Monsterframe stands for. All parts are robust, durable, top-quality and reusable. Perfect for digitaly printed PVC banner and mesh materials on both small and large scale advertising.

Monsterframe is ideal for:

  • Large building advertising
  • Promotional displays - indoor and outdoor
  • Event advertising

Easy mounting

For mounting you’ll find aluminium supports, corner connectors, banner buttons and eyelets, elastic cords as well as expanders.

Monsterframe is everything you need for mounting really big prints.

To attach the banner simply insert the buttons into the profile's notches. Buttons can be replaced or moved at anytime – even after mounting the frame to the wall.

The banner can be hung and replaced without the need for any special tools or taking down of the Monsterframe.

The profiles for this modular system are available in a silver anodised finish with a diameter of 50mm and standard lengths of 6.5m which can be simply cut to your own specifications.

Different tensioning systems:

Monsterframe_Tensioning system_PDP

Monsterframe components:

Monsterframe Elements PDP

Recommended ImagePerfect Media

  • All ImagePerfect Banners IP2109 - IP2120
  • All ImagePerfect Mesh IP2204 - IP2212

Picture Nr.

1 Silver anodised aluminium extrusion Ø50mm
2 Clamp for banner, white. Holds banner without holes or eyelets, reusable.
3 Snapping eyelet. Material: polypropylene, transparent. size: inside Ø12mm, outside Ø30mm. Box 50pcs.
4 Elastic expander grey Ø30mm, made of PES, hook zincplated.
5 Silicone Ring
6 Corner connector aluminium diecast, silver metallic coated.
7 Plastic buttons for mounting
8 Cross connector for extrusions raw aluminium, length 400mm
9 Wall mounting support, 3 point connection for external use.
10 Wall mounting support, 1 point connection for internal use.

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