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Cold Laminating

Cold Laminates are adhesive plastic films with release liner that use an adhesive, which is exposed when the release liner is removed. When pressure is applied, it sticks directly onto the item that needs lamination.

They are ideal for items that can be damaged by heat, such as vinyl or solvent prints and are compatible with nearly any printed media.

  • Does not require expensive equipment.

  • Ideal for items which would be damaged by heat, such as vinyl or other solvent prints.

  • Cold laminates are compatible with nearly any printed media.

  • One side only, so perfect for self-adhesive vinyl.

When using a laminating machine

Backing paper
Cold lamination requires a ‘backing paper’ to protect the lower roller from the glue. Usually a cheap paper is used, or you can use the recovered release liner from a previous roll of laminating film.

Heat-Assist top roller
Opt for a machine with a Heat-Assist top-roller when laminating larger quantities of (solvent) prints. Applying a small amount of heat melts the glue into the pores of the media, creating stronger adhesion and improving the adhesive flow.

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