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ImagePerfect Adhesive remover

IP Adhesive Remover Pro is a highly-effective and versatile product that can be used for removing adhesive residue/remains from a wide variety of substrates, including car bodies (e.g. short-term vehicle wraps), signboxes, windows, glass surfaces, plastic substrates, whiteboards, anodised aluminium, PVC banners, etc.

GUIDELINES: IP Adhesive Remover Pro is a ready-to-use product. Simply spray it directly onto the surface. Allow it to soak for a few minutes, rub the adhesive off and then wipe the surface using a clean, dry, soft cloth. Repeat as necessary.

IP Adhesive Remover (PDF)

ImagePerfect Cleaning Towels

IP Cleaning Towels are perfect for cleaning various surfaces and have a vastly larger tear resistance in comparison to regular paper towel. These are not included in the IP Fluid kit but can be ordered separately.

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