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swissQprint printer models

swissQprint specializes in the development and manufacturing of highest quality digital printing solutions and offers top class performance through continuous innovation, made in Switzerland.

swissQprint Nyala 2

swissQprint  Nyala 2 With its generously sized 3.2 × 2 metre printing table, Nyala 2 more than qualifies as a large format printer. It stands at the nexus of printing quality and productivity: with a top speed of 206 m²/h a print image goes onto the substrate in just a fraction of the time taken by other printers. Nyala 2 fits perfectly with high-volume, high-end environments in both advertising signage and industrial applications. That is due to its extreme versatility, a trait common to all swissQprint systems.

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swissQprint Oryx 2

swissQprint Oryx 2 Small but effective is an understatement where the Oryx 2 is concerned. Its printing table does cover five square metres, after all. And this UV printer comes with every capability of its larger siblings: non-stop tandem production, brilliant special effects, continuous roll printing, and capacity to handle formats up to four metres long. It simply needs a little more time to do so. Oryx 2 is the ideal choice for quality at lower volumes.

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swissQprint Impala 2

swissQprint  Impala 2 Impala 2 is the UV printer for businesses with a wish to grow. Because the base model can grow in all directions: doubling its output both in terms of printing speed and maximum format size. It is equipped with up to 9 colour channels and 2 printheads per colour.

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