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Mutoh Spitfire Extreme 65

Mutoh Spitfire Extreme 65

The Spitfire Extreme printers unite fast production speeds and volume production capabilities without compromising on ease-of-maintenance or functionality. A wide range of Innovative features enable them to deliver extreme quality and speed.

The Spitfire Extreme printer range is ideal for customers that quickly and economically need to supply volume, quality outdoor applications for the sign-making and graphics industry. 


Printing directly on a wide variety of uncoated and coated materials, the Spitfire Extreme aims at  outdoor applications such as window graphics, POS, backlit box signage and vehicle graphics to indoor graphics such as photo blow ups, POP and floor graphics.


  • Commercial production speeds of up to 20 m²/h for banner
  • Economic volume production with low ink consumption
  • Up to 3 years outdoor durability without lamination
  • Print directly onto low-cost uncoated and coated materials up to 2.6 m wide
  • Brilliant, fast drying inks offering a wide colour gamut
  • Effortless maintenance and intuitive operation
  • Standard 100 kg fully motorised unwinding / winding system

Truly a volume performer!

The Spitfire Extreme range features a unique combination of the latest-generation piezo print heads and high-performance solvent inks that bear real-time production speeds for commercial prints.

Brilliant durable colours

The high-performance solvent inks produce highly saturated, brilliant colours with a wide colour gamut and deep, detailed skin tones and shadow areas.

The fast-drying inks allow high printing speeds directly on uncoated materials. The Dynamic Variable Dot Technology optimises image sharpness and drying time while significantly reducing overall ink-consumption.

Prints last up to 3 years outdoor without lamination.

Effortless maintenance

Reduce downtime by scheduling the easy and intuitive five-minute maintenance cycles outside of production time. Switch off the Spitfire Extreme for the night, weekends or holidays without having to worry about start-ups and aggravating cleaning cycles.

All key components are easily accessible for maintenance and are highly resistant to solvents.

The Spitfire Extreme comes supplied with a six-month user maintenance kit containing all necessary parts to perform periodical maintenance.

Endless possibilities

The Spitfire Extreme addresses the need for volume production of outdoor prints with a wider media acceptance.

The excellent drying and drop fixation characteristics allow fast printing speeds on a wide range of coated and uncoated materials, enabling countless applications such as stage and window graphics, publicity banners, vehicle graphics, tradeshows, corporate signage, floor graphics, POP/POS, backlit box signage and many more.

Engineered to perform in demanding volume-printing environments

The Spitfire Extreme range of wide-format printers comes equipped with a fully motorised material unwinding/winding system, capable of handling rolls up to 100 kg.

The front and rear tensioning bars make the Spitfire Extreme range the preferred choice for unattended high-speed roll-to-roll printing.


PRINT TECHNOLOGY 4 x Epson 360 nozzle drop-on-demand, variable drop, piezo inkjet print heads
Embedded I² Intelligent Interweave and 1440 dpi Dynamic Variable Dot Imaging Technology
RESOLUTION 720 x 720 dpi, 720 x 360 dpi, 540 x 720 dpi, 360 x 360 dpi
SIZE (W x D x H) 310 x 75 x 125 cm
WEIGHT 360 kg
INK CONFIGURATION 2 x CMYK (880 ml per colour / 4.3 l or 8.6 l ink per colour with the optional Bulk Ink System)
SPEED (SIGN/QUALITY) up to 13 m²/h
SPEED (PICTURE/SPEED) up to 16 m²/h
SPEED (HIGH QUALITY) up to 8.25 m²/h
ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS Temperature: 18°C to 28°C (23°C recommended)
Relative Humidity (non-condensing): 40% to 80% (55% recommended)
STANDARD ACCESSORIES Set of start-up fluids and a set of CMYK inks (440 ml per colour)
Printer network interface card, foot switch, power cord and user guide
User maintenance kit (6 months autonomy)
WARRANTY One year on-site support, including:
Spare parts and labour
Print heads
Hardware Phone Support
GerberNet access
OPTIONS BIS Bulk Ink System for Spitfire Series (4.3 l or 8.6 l ink per colour)
100 kg motorised unwinding / winding system, including media tensioning bars
APS Quatro Mini 3-Stage Air Purification System
Range of Professional RIP software
A full range of digital media