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GERBER Sabre 408

GERBER Sabre 408

This professional router is ideally suited for dimensional sign making, woodworking, and parts fabrication. SABRE routing systems offer high-speed letter and graphic design routing along with dependability, flexibility, ease of use, and minimal maintenance
A state-of-the-art three axes motion technology combines heavy-duty construction with high feed rates to produce maximum output - day in and day out. Combine the SABRE with Gerber's top of the line router bits for a complete automated routing solution.

Software compatibility

Regardless of the design program, GERBER ARTPath software prepares the design for routing by assigning user-defined tool paths with varying depths or multiple tools for easy output to the router.

ARTPath’s open architecture enables the direct import of standard file formats such as AI, EPS, DXF or HPGL for tool path generation. The Sabre is directly supported by GERBER OMEGA, GERBER GRAPHIX ADVANTAGE®, and ArtCAMTM

Innovative drive system

SABRE’s drive system employs an anti-backlash lead screw instead of the more common rack and pinion system. Located beneath the table and gantry, the lead screw drive mechanism is well protected from flying debris.

The Teflon®- coated lead screws are self-cleaning so chip build-up is virtually impossible, and it requires minimal maintenance and needs no lubrication.

Chip removal system

The SABRE includes a chip removal system that helps to keep the work area clean during routing by vacuuming chips into a shop-supplied vacuum. Its pressure foot also provides the necessary downward force to keep the cutting tool’s force from lifting the work piece.

The chip removal system should be used when cutting plastic, foam or wood and disconnected when pen plotting, scribing, or cutting metals such as aluminum or brass.

Cutting metal

When cutting metals, the mist coolant option is recommended—it applies a fine lubricant to the cutting tool, keeping the tool smooth and cool. This option requires .5 CFM at 100–120 psi of compressed air.

Holding down the substrate

The hold down system facilitates the cutting process by securely holding the material to the router. There are several methods of holding down material including clamps, T-VAC, tape, adhesive, or any combination of methods.

The T-VAC employs zoned slats with vacuum holes to hold down a variety of materials and features control knobs to manage the suction areas. This allows operators to shut off specific router sections, which provides greater suction on the designated work area.


  • Superior lead-screw drive
  • Multi-size platforms
  • Aluminum construction
  • Paneling (long-sign mode)
  • Superior Z-axis depth control
  • Cut to mask accuracy
  • T-VAC slotted vacuum table
  • Patented material hold and chip removal system
  • Open architecture
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Exclusive Gerber routing, engraving, and ADA bits


  • Accurate tolerances, minimal maintenance and no lubrication
  • Accommodates individual sign shops
  • Lighter weight and more rigid than steel
  • Rout seamless signs of unlimited length from a continuous sheet
  • Accurately rout to the table surface without cutting the table
  • Precisely rout to material mask for securing small shapes
  • Use vacuum, clamps or both to hold down material to table
  • Maintains material flatness and collects debris to ensure a clean work surface
  • Supports a variety of file formats
  • Short learning curve and user intuitive
  • Superior edge quality with longer tool life and lower costs


Table Size 1372mm x 3073mm
Active Cutting Area 1350mm x 2565mm
Feed Rate 254mm/second
Positioning Rate 550mm/second
Max Material Thickness 110mm
Max Material Width 1500mm
Overall Size 1750mm x 3120mm
Weight 714.4 kg
Drive System Patented anti-backlash lead screw
Controller 32-bit servo
Available Options Mist Coolant
Engraver vacuum