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Ergosoft Posterprint 2008

Ergosoft Posterprint 2008

ErgoSoft PosterPrint 2008 RIP software combines impressive production performance, outstanding image quality, and superior colour fidelity all in one single solution.

Being the industrial-level solution for high volume, color-critical digital print production, PosterPrint continues to reinforce ErgoSoft’s dedication to developing the most powerful yet easy to use RIPs available today.

PosterPrint is the professional solution for producing large format graphics.

Print -and Cut- for Pay

PosterPrint supports both Print-and-cut devices as well as stand-alone contour cut only devices for the ultimate in workflow versatility. Each cut device has its own unique features which are fully supported.

  • intuitive image layout
  • efficient job management
  • powerful ink controls
  • streamlined colour management engine

Precision color accuracy

Navigate your way to exacting colour with ColorGPS, ErgoSoft’s unique output device profiling engine. Generate profiles from data captured in PosterPrint’s powerful linearization module to devices with up to twelve primary colours.

Match spot colours on the fly

PosterPrint gives users unprecedented control over spot colour. Standard colour profiles as well as custom colours may be configured to be applied automatically at print time.

Using ErgoSoft’s unique Closest Colors Target, these same colours may also be edited for a superior visual match.

Cost Display for Printed Jobs

Display the cost for a job by using the settings for ink, me¬dia, and time set up in the print environ¬ment.

This data can also be exported to a text file that can be imported into other applications such as Excel to use the information to create bills.

Profitability through flexibility

Not only does PosterPrint excel in producing large format digital graphics, PosterPrint can generate film positives for conventional screenprinters.

PosterPrint also allows for multi-purpose printing from the same device by combining these capabilities seamlessly on one device, including dye sublimation, maximizing revenue opportunities.

Multi Core CPU Support

The ripping process is now taking advantage of the multicore CPUs. Ripping on a dual core CPU is now up to 30% faster.

PostScript Enhancement

  • Specify different profiles for image (raster), vector, and text objects
  • Named Colour replacement in PDF documents
  • Enable named colour replacement for each image in a job
  • Usage of embedded profiles in PDF documents (RGB and CMYK)
  • Specify profiles for each image in a job


The improved JobCenter gives a complete overview about all print jobs and all active tools. The JobCenter allows full control about each job, RipServer, Print or CutClient, as well as all finished and archived jobs.

The JobCenter contains seven different sections: Printer Id, RIP Machine, Job Archive, Contour Cut, Print, RIP, and Suspended.

In order to manage your jobs in the most efficient way, the JobCenter al¬lows to define its appearance exactly in the way you need it. Additionally it gives you the full control over the displayed information.


Supported Files Types: PostScript Level II/III, PDF, EPS, DCS, DCS2, AI, TIFF, BMP, JPEG
Supported Inkjet Printers: Epson, Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, Canon, HP, Encad, Seiko, Zünd, Graphtec, Infiniti, DGI, Orion
Supported Contour Cutters: Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, Graphtec, Encad, ANA, SummaCut
Supported Color Measurement Devices: X-Rite, GretagMacbeth, Techkon, Avantes
Recommended System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows 2000
Pentium IV, 2GHz min,
512 MB RAM min
40 GB disc space rec