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Mimaki CF3-1631

Mimaki CF3-1631

Featuring three interchangeable cutting heads, among them a versatile router head, this new plotter series is destined to redefine productivity and ease of use in contour cutting and other finishing tasks.
Equipped with an industrial router head for heavy duty cutting jobs, the CF3 enables cutting thick and soft materials up to 50mm thick. Creasing of soft materials such as cardboard or corrugated board is also a possibility. The CF3 is a true performer whether you want to engage a small lot or large repeat production.

3 interchangeable cutting heads

All cutter heads can quickly and effortlessly be changed while switching applications. Tree different types of cutting heads are available to maximize your productivity.

The M head
Rigid materials, like acrylic and aluminum, can be cut with a high speed spindle head. Height position control enables groove cuts and repeated cutting of thicker materials. Maximum cutting depth is 50 mm.

The R1 head
The reciprocating cutter allows for cutting thick materials up to 20mm (0.78"). Creasing tools produce creases in cardboards and corrugated boards.

The TF2 head
Two types of tangential cutters are available, which control the direction of the cutter edge. Various materials, ranging from soft to ridged, can be cut.
Two different types of tangential cutters for rigid and soft materials with a cutting force of up to 5 kg on up to 10 mm thick substrates are available. The TF2 model comes with pen/swivel cutter, tangential cutter and high-pressure tangential cutter.

Mark Sensor for precise contour cutting

A colour photo sensor detects the printed registration marks on the substrates regardless of the media colour. Precise contour cutting can thus be executed by adjusting alignment and distance.

Vacuum table with reversible airstream

The vacuum table is divided into zones. Its activated zones can be set according to the material size. To ease the positioning of heavy materials on the table, the air stream can be reversed.

Easy importing of files

The new CF3-series is delivered with two software packages enhancing productivity and ease of handling. Mimaki’s Product Manager software is used to set cutting conditions. FineCut 7 provides for creation and import of cutting data from design programmes CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator.


  • Interchangeable cutting heads
  • Cut hard materials
  • Mark Sensor for precise contour cutting
  • Partitioned vacuum table
  • Newly developer router head


Effective cut area 1,000mm x 1,600mm
Maximum speed 50cm/s (20in/s)
Maximum cutting depth Router 50mm (1.96")
Maximum cutting depth Tangential cutter 10mm (0.39")
Maximum cutting depth reciprocating cutter 20mm (0.78")
Media set device Air suction by vacuum blower
Dimensions (W x H x D) 2,250 x 4,120 x 1,320mm