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Beschilderungssysteme - Profile und Skizzen

Beschilderungssysteme Profile und Skizzen

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Backlit Display

Backlit Display

Change images in a second, create impressions that last forever.

Available in 2 sizes, this backlit display system in brushed, anodized aluminium, is ideal for both sales demonstrations and showrooms alike. Both sizes come complete with 2 prints – one of IP2605 and IP2607 - for immediate demonstration use.

Special effects

Additionally the light box can be used for many other backlit demonstrations. Incorporating signage translucent films and specialised media such as diffuser films, blockouts, 3M Night and Day and window films will result in highly specialised effects.

Easy change of media

The hinged top edge of the display allows easy access for quickly changing printed media or other materials and is secured by a strip of magnetic tape.

Backlit Display Instructions


  • Complete with all internal electrical components
  • Easy to operate on/off switch
  • 3m of electrical cable to allow for flexible positioning
  • cases will be fitted with a standard European plug

Superb light diffusion

The system features 2 acrylic sheets - the white acrylic acts as a light diffuser behind the graphic to prevent any high spots of light while the clear acrylic acts as both a support and protective layer to the graphic media.

Available in two sizes

Demo Backlit Display Case 35 x 35 x 13 cm
Showroom Backlit Display Case 50 x 50 x 13 cm