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Vinyl weeding tips

Weeding vinyl is removing the excess vinyl from in between graphics or letters and around their respective edges.

Below you can find a short overview of general vinyl weeding tips. Please note that each vinyl has specific characteristics so the weeding process might differ a little accordingly. 

Weeding larger letters or graphics

What is the best weeding direction?
The direction of weeding is really up to your personal preference. Although it’s commonly recommended that when you’re weeding letters, going right to left might be the better option and is generally easier.

What is the best angle to use?
An angle of 90° works fine with most vinyls. When you’re pulling away the excess vinyl from the backing paper, try to use a little zigzag pulling motion in order to prevent the vinyl to reattach.

Always check twice. 
When weeding away the unnecessary vinyl, always keep an eye on the graphic or letters in order to quickly recuperate elements that were picked up unintended. This prevents that parts will get lost and need to be re-cut.
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